By Tessa Seager, CCI’s Director of Government Affairs in B.C.

If you’ve ever perused a government news release or seen a political funding announcement, you probably heard a politician talk about investing.

Whether it’s roads or schools, elder care or environmental protection, politicians almost never talk about government spending anymore — instead, it’s government investments. The money is all invested in approximately the same way that I invest in groceries so that I don’t die of starvation.

Politicians’ affinity for the word “investing” distracts from the fact that governments do literally invest in Canadian companies in the traditional sense of…

Par Pierre-Philippe Lortie, Directeur, CCI Québec

Comme dans plusieurs autres provinces canadiennes, le Québec fait face à une pénurie de main-d’œuvre dans le secteur des technologies et de l’innovation, ce qui ralentit le développement économique et la création de richesse dans la province.

Selon les dernières données de TECHNOCompétences, près de 13000 emplois sont à combler dans le secteur des technologies de l’information et des communications (TIC) au Québec, d’ici la fin de l’année 2021. …

By Pierre-Philippe Lortie, CCI’s Director of Government Affairs in Quebec

Like many provinces, Québec is facing a skilled labour shortage in the technology and innovation sector, and it’s slowing economic development and the wealth creation in the province.

According to TECHNOCompétences, nearly 13,000 positions will be added in Quebec by the end of 2021 in the technology and innovation sector. More and more Québec companies are struggling in hiring and retaining the right talent to allow them to implement their digital transformation or to continue their growth by developing new digital products.

CCI Québec is proposing that the Québec government…

By Bronte Valk, CCI’s Manager of Government Affairs in Alberta

It’s Stampede season in Calgary right now, a perfect kick off to what Premier Jason Kenney is calling the “best summer in Alberta’s history.” It comes on the heels of a pretty impressive spring for Alberta’s tech sector, fuelled by the growth of the province’s data and IP-intensive firms.

At the Council of Canadian Innovators, our members have been talking to governments about the importance of intellectual property — the currency of innovation — for years, because we can see it in the numbers.

In 1976, just 16 per cent…

Read about how FX Innovation developed their own CloudCampus program to help address the skilled labour shortage they were facing.

Published in The Financial Post on July 5, 2021 by reporter Bianca Bharti.

By Benjamin Bergen, CCI Executive Director

I’d like to highlight a trend CCI is monitoring that I’m calling Brain Drain 2.0.

In the past year, nearly every person in Canada has been forced to stop and think about how they work. The COVID-19 pandemic has provoked such a parade of disruptions to the rhythms of ordinary life, and nowhere has that been more acutely felt than in the workplace.

The shift to remote work has been profound and forced business leaders to adapt. …

Read Miovision CEO Kurtis McBride perspective on the Ontario government’s provincial data strategy, and how it has the potential to meaningfully support Canadian technology companies.

Published on LinkedIn June 23, 2021.

By Alanna Sokic, CCI’s Manager of Government Affairs in Ontario

Last fall, the Ontario government declared that it was committed to becoming the leading digital jurisdiction in the world and it didn’t get a whole lot of attention. Eight months later, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the declaration was more than just standard political posturing.

Ontario is having a digital government moment.

First we saw the digital ID project where Ontario declared its intention to become a world-leading digital government jurisdiction. Then earlier this year the province rolled out a meaningful provincial data strategy. And earlier this month, the province…

By Dana O’Born, CCI’s Director of Strategic Initiatives

Intellectual property tends to be seen as an arcane topic — the domain of economists, policy wonks, business nerds and lawyers. So, for those of us who spend a lot of time thinking about IP, it was a surprise to watch patent policy burst into mainstream recently.

The issue of a patent waiver for COVID-19 vaccines is fascinating and complex, but the basic takeaway from the “Suspend the patents!” discourse can be summarized fairly simply: A patent is a social contract that grants legal rights allowing the owner of an idea to…

“We’ve always wanted to build a Canadian cybersecurity champion” -Adam Belsher, CEO of Magnet Forensics and CCI Member
“We’ve always wanted to build a Canadian cybersecurity champion” -Adam Belsher, CEO of Magnet Forensics and CCI Member

Read the story of Waterloo, Ont.-based Magnet Forensics, and the founders’ vision to remain Canadian as they scale-up.

Published in the Financial Post on June 3, 2021.

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