If you want to fix covid, and everything else, start with the data. By Dana O’Born, CCI’s Director of Strategic Initiatives
If you want to fix covid, and everything else, start with the data. By Dana O’Born, CCI’s Director of Strategic Initiatives

By Dana O’Born, CCI’s Director of Strategic Initiatives

The word “crisis” is overplayed right now.

COVID-19 is, of course, a public health crisis which led to an economic crisis.

Canadian real estate is facing an affordability crisis, and depending on which political party you favour, you might believe we’re in the midst of an income inequality crisis too.

And in case you forgot, we’re still a long way from solving the climate crisis.

While it’s an overplayed word, I’d like you to consider another crisis that feeds into all the challenges I’ve already mentioned.

Canada is facing a national data…

Today Ontario Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy unveiled the province’s long-awaited Digital and Data Strategy.

The Ontario government has previously said that it aspires to be a world-leading jurisdiction in the digital economy and technology-enabled services delivery. There’s a lot of detail in the government documents, and we would encourage you to take time to read the strategy.

The government will now begin consulting with businesses, citizens and other organizations about how to set up a new data authority which will be responsible for building modern data infrastructure for the social and economic benefit of Ontarians.

This is a really big…

The following statement can be attributed to Benjamin Bergen, Executive Director of the Council of Canadian Innovators, a national business association that represents more than 140 of Canada’s fastest-growing technology-intensive companies including B.C’s AbCellera, Canalyst, Clio, Covalent, FISPAN, GeoComply, Jane.app, Klue, Mogo, Plurilock, STEMCELL Technologies, Terramera, Traction Guest, Traction on Demand, and VanHack:

Today’s budget in British Columbia reflects a province that is still focused on fighting COVID-19 and carrying citizens and businesses through the worst of the crisis. …

Today Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland tabled the 2021 federal budget, an enormous document, and the first budget in two years.

In response, Council of Canadian Innovators executive director Benjamin Bergen issued the following statement, on behalf of more than 140 of Canada’s fastest-growing technology-intensive companies:

Budget Reaction

“Canada is still very much in the thick of the fight against COVID-19, but there is never a bad time to create a prosperity strategy and a roadmap for generation of new wealth. As vaccinations ramp up and our economy begins to recover, it will be important for the federal government to work…

By Benjamin Bergen, Executive Director of the Council of Canadian Innovators

Among the cacophony of headlines in March — vaccines, provincial budgets, and the big boat blocking the Suez Canal — a seismic shift in Canada’s economic policy mindset didn’t grab much media play.

On March 24, in an unassuming statement headlined “Minister Champagne highlights updated guidelines on national security review of foreign investments,” the federal government formally declared that artificial intelligence, quantum science, space technology, energy storage and medical technology, among other technologies will be considered as potential national security factors in reviewing foreign takeovers.

Minister Champagne also issued…

CCI expands across Canada, adding government-relations representatives in B.C., Alberta and Ontario

Toronto, ON, APRIL 12, 2021 — The Council of Canadian Innovators (CCI) is proud to announce a national expansion with the addition of leading government relations experts in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, to supplement our existing focus on Quebec and federal public policy regarding innovation.

CCI is a national business council representing more than 130 of Canada’s fastest growing companies in the innovation economy, including leading firms commercializing ideas in clean and health technologies, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, cybersecurity and fintech. …

By Dana O’Born ~ Director of Strategic Initiatives

Whenever a new member company joins CCI, there’s a question I like to make a point of asking the CEO: How much IP does your company own?

The answers vary widely; depending on their business, some companies hold hundreds of patents, or only a handful, or none at all. But regardless, it tends to be a good start to an interesting conversation.

Every innovative company has leaders who think about intangible assets — that includes patents, yes, but also trademarks, copyright, industrial designs, developer contracts and other forms of intellectual property.


Today in Québec City, Finance Minister Eric Girard tabled his 2021 budget in the Québec National Assembly.

In response to the budget, Pierre-Philippe Lortie, CCI’s Director of Government & Public Affairs for Québec issued the following statement on behalf of our members:

The fastest growing technology companies in Québec were pleased to see the provincial government’s budget prioritizes innovation as an important ingredient for success in the post-pandemic economic recovery.

For scaling technology companies, the ability to recruit highly-skilled talent is the most important factor for success. Québec’s “scale-up” companies are expecting to increase their workforces by 25% this year…

Today at Queen’s Park in Toronto, Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy tabled the Ontario 2021–22 budget.

In response, CCI Executive Director Benjamin Bergen released the following statement on behalf of more than 130 high-growth Canadian technology companies.

What we saw today was very much a pandemic budget focused on supporting the hardest-hit small businesses in our economy. However, the leaders behind Ontario’s high-growth, job creating companies were hoping to see a long term prosperity strategy which lays out a clear roadmap for economic renewal after COVID-19. …

By Pierre Philippe Lortie, Director of Government & Public Affairs ~ Quebec

Since CCI established our presence in Québec in 2018, our members have asked the government for one very simple thing: let’s unite our efforts to build a stronger Québec for the 21st century economy. This is why in December we were pleased to see the creation of a provincial advisory council on innovation and commercialization, and the appointment of a Chief Innovator for Québec, vesting Luc Sirois and the group with the responsibility of building out a new policy framework that increases Québec’s innovation outputs.

One of the…

Council of Canadian Innovators

CCI is Canada’s 21st century business council, advocating for our country’s high-growth, innovative companies. Visit CanadianInnovators.org to learn more.

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