CCI’s Talent & Skills Strategy

  • Convene a national summit to develop a coordinated skilled labour strategy with representatives from federal and provincial governments and associated university associations.
  • Apply a skilled talent lens to all government economic policies and programs, to avoid unintended consequences which exacerbate the tech labour crunch.
  • Introduce a High Potential Tech Visa, to give the most in-demand professionals a path to Canada without a job offer in hand.
  • Launch a Digital Nomad Strategy to make Canada a destination for the growing ranks of remote workers.
  • Review and revise the National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes more regularly to better reflect the shifting nature of technology jobs in Canada.
  • Ease pathways to permanent residency within the Global Talent Stream visa program.
  • Expand the recognition of international and alternative credentials for Canadian visa applicants.
  • Enhance the Global Skills Strategy immigration program with a targeted 48-hour visa processing time.
  • Offer funding and support to Canadian businesses who develop up-skilling or re-training programs to train their workforce.
  • Incentivize post-secondary institutions to develop better experiential learning opportunities, including longer co-op placements, to establish a talent pipeline from universities to Canadian companies.
  • Commit to leaving the tax treatment of employee stock options unchanged, to give high-growth Canadian companies the certainty to recruit workers using this key compensation tool.
  • Introduce a permanent 12-month student loan repayment grace period for new graduates who work for Canadian firms.
  • Introduce tax-advantaged loan repayment benefits for employers who make contributions towards their employees’ outstanding student debt.



CCI is Canada’s 21st century business council, advocating for our country’s high-growth, innovative companies. Visit to learn more.

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