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Council of Canadian Innovators
7 min readJan 22, 2021


It has been more than 300 days since the World Health Organization formally declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, and then the world turned upside down. For many of us, it has been that long since we saw the inside of our offices, since we saw our coworkers face-to-face, since we’ve experienced anything close to business as usual.

As we approach the one-year mark of the global pandemic, we can hold onto a glimmer of hope. Vaccines are already being administered to high-priority populations, and in the coming months, we are eagerly anticipating our turn to receive the shot. As Canadian business leaders, we want to do everything in our power to support the mass-vaccination effort; we cannot make shipments of vaccine arrive any sooner, but we can take action within our own sphere of influence, which is the companies we run which collectively employ tens of thousands of Canadians.

As business leaders, we pledge to do what we can to support vaccination, and we are calling on other businesses to join us.

To support this goal, we are pledging to take several specific actions as business leaders:

  • We pledge that we will provide reliable information from public health agencies to our employees, so that they can know about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, and they can understand why it is so important for all of us to receive our shot. As public health officials make new information available, we pledge to echo those communications and make sure our employees are aware of the most up-to-date information.
  • We pledge, as soon as the shots are available to the wider population, we will be providing information about where, when and how people can be vaccinated.
  • We pledge that we will encourage our employees to get vaccinated during company time, because making this happen is more important than business as usual.

By making this pledge, we want to send a message to our workforce, to our employees’ families, and to Canada as a whole, is that this isn’t business as usual, and the vaccination effort needs to be a top priority for Canada. We want to do our part and we’re encouraging all business leaders in Canada to join us in making this pledge.

If you’re a Canadian business leader and you’d like to add your name to the COVID-19 vaccine pledge, enter your details in this form. We’ll update this post daily as people sign on.


Adrian Schauer, CEO
Montreal, QC

Cory Janssen, co-CEO
Edmonton, AB

Rich Emerich, CEO
Altus Assessments
Toronto, ON

Martin Basiri, CEO and co-founder
Kitchener, ON

Carol Leaman, CEO
Waterloo, ON

Jill Tipping, CEO
BC Tech
Vancouver, BC

Steve Currie, CEO
Best Athletes Ltd.
Waterloo, ON

Cynthia Hastings-James and Susanne Cookson, co-founders
BestLifeRewarded Innovations
Oakville, ON

Stephanie Michaud, President and CEO
Ottawa, ON

Moulay Skali, Country Manager
Biocodex Canada Inc.
Montreal, QC

Rob Douglas, CEO
BioConnect Inc.
Toronto, ON

Matthew Protti, CEO
BlackSquare Inc.
Calgary, AB

Ben Fluter, CEO
Bloom Care Solutions
Kitchener, ON

Corry Flatt, CEO
Waterloo, ON

Saad Siddiqui, CEO
Toronto, ON

Andrew Graham, co-founder and CEO
Toronto, ON

Rob Carmichael, CEO
BrainRunner Inc. \ Camp Brain
Toronto, ON

Philippe Bouffaut, CTO
Breather Products Inc.
Montreal, QC

Eduardo Serna, CEO
Oakville, ON

Alexandra Greenhill, CEO and Chief Medical Officer
Careteam Technologies
Vancouver, BC

Damir Hot, CEO
Vancouver, BC

Matthew Herbert, CEO
Ottawa, ON

James Mignacca, CEO
Cavelo Inc.
Waterloo, ON

Bob Kyryliuk, CEO
CEO-P2P Inc.
Kitchener, ON

Michel Leblanc, Président et chef de la direction
Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain
Montréal, QC

Andres Assmus, CEO
Toronto, ON

Lauren Linton, Executive Director
CIX Innovation Exchange
Toronto, ON

Nicholas LaValle, Comprehensive Designer
Clean Valley Bio-Filtration
Dartmouth, NS

Anthony Mar, founder and CEO
Ottawa, ON

Robert Kaul, CEO
Cloud DX
Kitchener, ON

Jason Nott, CEO
Toronto, ON

Ian Rae, founder and CEO
Montreal, QC

Alison Sunstrum, CEO
Rocky View, AB

Harry Zarek, President
Richmond Hill, ON

Brian Courtney, CEO
Conavi Medical
Toronto, ON

Benjamin Bergen, Executive Director
Council of Canadian Innovators

Marc Porcelli, CEO
Curate Mobile
Toronto, ON

Iain Paterson, CEO
Cycura Data Protection Corp.
Toronto, ON

John Baker, President and CEO
Kitchener, ON

Jean-Francois Cote, President and CEO
District M
Montreal, QC

Mason Ross, CEO
Toronto, ON

Huda Idrees, CEO
Dot Health
Toronto, ON

Chris Rasmussen, Chairman and founder
Toronto, ON

Jon Lipinski, President
Ecopia AI
Toronto, ON

Dan Mathers, CEO
Waterloo, ON

Mary Pat Hinton, CEO
Emmetros Limited
Kitchener, ON

Ryan Doherty, President and founder
Empower Health (iamsick.ca)
Toronto, ON

Paul Donald, CEO
Kitchener, ON

Karen Ng, Director
Even Approvals Inc. (Eproval)
Vancouver, BC

James Novak, CEO
Toronto, ON

Paul Sehr, CTO
Toronto, ON

Patrick Huynh, CEO
Montreal, QC

Josh Domingues, founder and CEO
Toronto, ON

Sandy Scholes, Chief People Officer
Etobicoke, ON

Levi Cooperman and Mike McDerment, co-founders
Toronto, ON

Anna Sainsbury, Chairman and founder
Vancouver, BC

Neil Cawse, CEO
Oakville, ON

Tyler Gompf, CEO
Global Drain Technologies
Winnipeg, MB

Ray Simonson, CEO
Glove Systems
Kitchener, ON

James Wylde, President and CEO
Greenlight Analytical
Dartmouth, NS

Alan Fong, founder
Toronto, ON

Nicolas Beique, CEO
Calgary, AB

Marcus Daniels, founding partner and CEO
Highline Beta
Toronto, ON

Bradley Brodkin, founder and CEO
HighVail Systems Inc.
Toronto, ON

Janice Diner, founder and CEO
Toronto, ON

Alan Zurakowski, CEO
Ottawa, ON

Mike Gaburo, CEO
Igloo Software
Kitchener, ON

Cerys Goodall, President and COO
Toronto, ON

Anne Toner Fung, CEO
Innovation Guelph
Guelph, ON

Brent Sukenik, Acting President and CEO
Innovation Place
Saskatoon, SK

Carlo Chiarello, CEO
Toronto, ON

Derek Luke, CEO
Interaxon Inc.
Toronto, ON

Jody Glidden, CEO
Fredericton, NB

Kumar Ratnam, CEO
iVedha Inc.
Toronto, ON

Janice Tran, CEO
Kanin Energy Inc.
Calgary, AB

Hector Kearns, founder and CTO
Kearns Technology Inc.
Toronto, ON

Lee Murray, Owner
Kemur Camp
Cambridge, ON

Noah Waisberg, CEO
Kira Systems
Toronto, ON

Patrick Lyver, President and CEO
Kleurvision Inc.
Port Perry, ON

Jason Smith, CEO
Vancouver, BC

Olivier Tsinos, President
Montreal, QC

Adam Belsher, CEO
Magnet Forensics Inc.
Waterloo, ON

Brett Belchetz, CEO
Toronto, ON

John Ruffolo, founder and Managing Partner
Maverix Private Equity
Toronto, ON

Michael Do, CEO
Toronto, ON

Balaji Gopalan, co-founder and CEO
Toronto, ON

Shahram Yousefi, CEO
Mesh Scheduling Inc.
Kingston, ON

Kurtis McBride, CEO
Miovision Technologies
Kitchener, ON

Henri-Charles Machalani, CEO
Montreal, QC

John Hepburn, CEO and Scientific Director
Vancouver, BC

Irfhan Rawji, founder and CEO
Calgary, AB

David Brebner, co-founder and CFO
Mobials Inc.
London, ON

Mike Andrade, CEO
Morgan Solar
Toronto, ON

Scott Mackenzie, CEO
Morningstar Canada
Toronto, ON

Dan Belhassen, founder and CEO
Neovation Learning Solutions
Winnipeg, MB

Chetan Mathur, CEO, and Clara Angotti, President
Next Pathway
Toronto, ON

Patrick Godin, CEO
Niteflite Courier Service
Riverview, NB

Jason Tham, CEO
Toronto, ON

Ed Harvey, CMO
NxtSens Microsystems Inc.
Montreal, QC

Tamer Waly, Head of Health Solutions
ONE96 Health Solutions
Montreal, QC

Gary Payne, President and CEO
Open Access Limited
Toronto, ON

Adolfo Klassen, CEO
Paladin AI
Montreal, QC

Jennifer Meldrum, co-founder and Managing Partner
PEAK Pharma Solutions Inc.
St. Thomas, ON

Derek Lim Soo, CEO
Peak Power Inc.
Toronto, ON

Liz Munro, President of Canadian Operations
Perimeter Medical Imaging
Toronto, ON

Mike Wessenger, CEO
Toronto, ON

Rob MacLean, CEO
Points International
Toronto, ON

Yan Raymond-Lalande, co-founder and CEO
Pomelo Health
Montreal, QC

Normand Frechette, President and CEO
Project Clean Inc.
Delta, BC

Anshul Ruparell, CEO
Toronto, ON

Jean Le Bouthillier, CEO
Quebec City, QC

Janie Jones, Acting General Manager
Quoddy Savour Seafood
Pennfield, NB

Hamid Arabzadeh, Chairman and CEO
Ottawa, ON

Norma Rossler, CEO
Red Meat Games Inc.
Cambridge, ON

Greg Boutin, CEO
Relay Platform Inc.
Toronto, ON

Edward De Groot, CEO
Relevant Bits
Hamilton, ON

Doug Carwardine, CEO
Rockport Networks
Ottawa, ON

Lee Dale, CEO
Say Yeah!
Toronto, ON

Moodie Cheikh, CEO
Searidge Technologies
Ottawa, ON

Greg Wolfond, CEO
SecureKey Technologies
Toronto, ON

Alex Kolodkin, founder and CEO
Set Scouter
Toronto, ON

Hans Bathija, partner
Shadow Factory
Toronto, ON

Joanna Woo, Director of People and Culture
Shinydocs Corporation
Kitchener, ON

Aaron Genest, Applications Engineer Manager
Saskatoon, SK

Bruce Sharpe, CEO
Singular Hearing Inc.
Surrey, BC

Kevin Edwards, CEO
Skip The Dishes
Winnipeg, MB

Hussein Fazal, CEO
Toronto, ON

Amanda Mallow, Chief Human Resources Officer
Vancouver, BC

Pat Farrar, CEO
The Startup Zone
Charlottetown, PEI

Allen Eaves, CEO
STEMCELL Technologies
Vancouver, BC

Graeme Moffatt, co-founder and Chief Scientist
System2 Neurotechnology
Toronto, ON

Simon Parkin, CEO
The Talent Company
Toronto, ON

Paul Vallee, CEO
Ottawa, ON

Sachin Aggarwal, CEO
Think Research
Toronto, ON

Craig McLellan, CEO
Toronto, ON

Mike Monteith, CEO
Toronto, ON

Simon Ferragne, CEO
TrackTik Software
Montreal, QC

Keith Metcalfe, CEO
Traction Guest
Burnaby, BC

Chris Peacock, CMO, and Roger Lall, VP Marketing
Traction on Demand
Burnaby, BC

Chris Hobbs, President
TTT Studios
Vancouver, BC

Neil Wainwright, founder and CEO
Toronto, ON

Anthea Sargeaunt, CEO
2S Water Inc.
Edmonton, AB

Meghan Watchorn, Head of Sales
Vancouver, BC

Martin Beaudoin Nadeau, CEO
Viridis Terra
Quebec City, QC

Dianne Carmichael, CEO
VITALL Intelligence
Toronto, ON

John Stevens, CEO
Waterloo Accelerator Centre
Waterloo, ON

Susan Jones, founder and CEO
Sooke, BC

Cybele Negris, CEO
Webnames.ca Inc.
Vancouver, BC

Brian Heinz, General Manager
Saskatoon, SK

Liam Kaufman, co-founder & CEO
Winterlight Labs
Toronto, ON

Jason Nagy, President and CEO
Wise Crescent Inc.
Guelph, ON

Gordon Wilson, CEO
WorldReach Software Corp.
Ottawa, ON

Valerie Blackmore, CEO
Wyndham Forensic Group
Guelph, ON

Terry Song, CEO
Edmonton, AB

Paul Bellows, President
Yellow Pencil
Edmonton AB

Pamela Thornton, Director of Sales, Canada
ZOLL Medical Canada
Toronto, ON

Carrie Lysenko, COO
Zoocasa Realty Inc.
Toronto, ON



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