Three ideas to make the B.C. budget more innovative in 2023

By Tessa Seager, CCI B.C. Director of Government Affairs

While the B.C. Legislature has officially wrapped for the summer, a group of MLAs spent much of June travelling the province, consulting with stakeholders on what to include in the 2023 B.C. Budget Recommendation report. Next year’s budget might seem like it’s a long way away, but the Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services report will inform the province’s 2023 Budget, set to be unveiled in February.

CCI was pleased to appear before the Committee to share our perspective. Limited to just three recommendations this year, CCI focused on public policy tools that can increase the tech talent pool, revitalize government procurement of technology, and position the province for success in the 21st century economy by way of developing provincial strategies for IP and data.

The presentation attracted interest from all members of the Committee, including from Parliamentary Secretary for Technology and Innovation, Brenda Bailey, who said she “really [does] see the opportunity that’s being missed” on strategic technology procurement and thanked us for “highlighting these issues that are of such importance to the sector.” Last week, CCI supplemented our oral presentation with a comprehensive written submission — check it out here.

B.C. Budget 2023 is an opportunity for the province to meaningfully commit to our homegrown anchor companies, and we look forward to continuing to work alongside government to develop a fiscal plan that does just that.

Tessa Seager leads CCI’s advocacy in British Columbia. If you’re interested in learning more about our public policy work in B.C. you can contact her at

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